The War on Vaccinations Have Begun

We were waiting for better days, but now people are just travelling and attending festivals…unvaccinated.

Najwa Helyer


Photo by Mat Napo on Unsplash

The war on vaccinations have begun in my world and as I’ve seen on Twitter, it has for others too. For me, the pandemic has opened my eyes to a world that I’ve never seen before. My rose-tinted glasses came off and exposed some of my friends for who they really are. Have they always been like that or did the pandemic change them differently than it has changed me?

When the pandemic first struck, the world stood outside their homes clapping for the NHS and other frontline workers, urging everyone to stay home so that everyone could stay safe. The idea of community seemed so strong although the reality was families panic-buying food and toilet paper even though they had enough food at home and rinsing the shelves off for the people who need it most. But it’s easy to keep up appearances through social media, you only show what you want to be seen.

The pandemic taught me that if you’re passionate about something, you can make anything believable. So when conspiracy theories started to pass through my timeline as I’m sure it was on everyone else’s too, it was clear that false information was being spread quicker than facts. After all, we were all living in the same storm but not all of us were in the same boat.

While those who lived on big properties where the closest person to them is more than 6 feet away, others aren’t so lucky. People living in apartment buildings whose neighbours live right next door have much higher chances of passing on the virus to each other. In the words of a good friend of mine from New York, “we’re all packed like sardines here.” This is without looking into 3rd world countries to see how they’re handling the pandemic.

When the lockdown was proving too much and affecting everyone, they decided to take it to the streets and claim the pandemic was a hoax. No one was sick they said, and their freedom was being taken away. All the love and gratitude for those who were tirelessly working during lockdowns dissipated.

People were suffering and businesses were dying so they have had enough. The people around them weren’t getting sick (probably due to…